Get Started

Hey Tennis Fans!

Thanks for choosing NeuroTennis! We are beyond excited to have you on board and want to get you out on the court, using our yellow talking bands! We wanted to share a few recommendations to get you off to a fast start. A little instant gratification never hurts, right?

IMPORTANT: It’s very important that you realize that NeuroTennis does not see you play. It does not judge what you are doing and make corrections. The concept of NeuroTennis is that it reinforces what you should be doing while you play, and it gives you coaching instructions that follow the rhythm of your hitting, and of your partner’s hitting. It raises your level of awareness and concentration and that is of huge importance for your performance. You select what you want to work on by using either the standard lessons and drills, or by creating your own. You can also use a mix. More will become clear soon, but just keep in mind that NeuroTennis is not critiquing you when it gives you a coaching instruction.

Reading instructions might be something you want to save for a rainy day — we understand! However, we do strongly recommend you take a few minutes to open the app and take a look at the Quick Guide to learn a few basic things about using the NT200. Go to the main menu and select Quick Guide:

Short Press: Switch between default and custom lesson.

Long Press: Power on/off.

Short Press:  Set Source – Set which impacts trigger instructions: My Hits, Opponent Hits, or Both. 

Long Press:  Device-to-device pairing – Do this on both devices simultaneously to connect them to each other.

Short Press: Set Frequency — Select how often you hear instructions.

Long Press: Initiate BlueTooth pairing to your phone. Once NT announces discovery mode, go to your phone’s Settings —> BlueTooth, look for the NT device, and connect. Note that once your phone “knows” this NT device, you can just connect in Settings without doing discovery.

Short Press: Start or resume lesson. If already playing, this will announce current drill. Press again within a few seconds to skip to next drill.

Long Press: Pause current drill.

Short Press: Set how sensitive NeuroTennis is when detecting impacts. Set to “max” for a device attached to a ball machine.

Long Press: Ask for a “Serve” coaching instruction (Current drill must include “Serve” instructions).

Buttons have two ways of being pressed. A normal press or “short press” is when you press and release. A long press is when you press and hold for a few seconds. OK! Now, you are ready to use the NT200 hardware! To get started:

  1. Turn on both bands by pressing the large black button on the side.
  2. Connect the bands to each other by long pressing the “device to device pairing” button — the top center button with the two little rackets. You should do this on both bands. It doesn’t have to be at the exact same time. Within several seconds (up to 60 sec.) of each other is fine. The bands should say they are in “device to device pairing mode”. Once they find each other, they will say they are connected.
  3. Now, press the “Play/Pause” on the bottom right of each NT200. That will start the built-in lesson. The first drill is “Warm up with short court”. If you tap the devices gently (to simulate what would happen when you hit a ball), you should hear some coaching instructions spoken by the devices. Sometimes, the one you tap will speak. Sometimes, the other one will speak. That’s because each coaching instruction is designed to be based off either your own shot, or your opponent’s shot. There is some randomness to it, and you don’t get an instruction on every impact, so if you don’t hear anything, tap the device again.
  4. Each drill has a pre-programmed duration. If you want to go to the next drill sooner, press the same Play/Pause button on the device again. The first time you do that, it will just remind you which drill you are on now by stating the name of the current drill. Press it again right away (within 5 seconds) and it will advance to the next drill. If you keep advancing to different drills, it will take you all the way through the entire lesson, and wrap around back to the first drill.
  5. Start hitting! Once you see this is working, put the NT200 bands on your wrists and use them during play. Now, it’s the impact of the ball that will trigger instructions.
  6. If you want to hear coaching instructions more frequently or less frequently, you can short-press the Frequency button on the upper right of the device. It looks like a speech bubble with “…” in it. Keep short-pressing to cycle through the different possible settings to adjust frequency up or down.
  7. You can adjust the volume with the bottom left button, and that is self-explanatory. Remember players on courts next to you might prefer it a little less loud, although we don’t mind them getting curious and asking you what those yellow bands are saying to you, and if they are the reason you are suddenly moving so much better on the court!

After you get the hang of all this, the app will be the next step in order to customize the content, if you so desire! The Quick Guide explains it all, but we’ll be here if you need help.

Enjoy, and remember we are always delighted to hear from you with any feedback!

Team NeuroTennis